Dan Vo | Tour Guide and Presenter

"It was a superb, enlightening,
hugely enjoyable tour."
Bernard Donoghue, Mayor of London's Ambassador for Cultural Tourism

The New York Times once called me "a leading figure in the world of alternative museum tours in Britain", and it's perhaps best for me not to argue. I founded the volunteer-led, award-winning LGBTQ tours at the V&A in 2015 and have since developed similar programmes for the University of Cambridge Museums and Amgueddfa Cymru: National Museum Wales. 


The museum tours recognise the many LGBTQ individuals who form part of our rich national collections across place, time and culture. My passion for storytelling, especially of marginalised people, comes from my experience as an acting radio station manager and programme presenter in Melbourne, working with the LGBTQ+ community. Presenting is something I love and delve back into from time to time. 

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